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          Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute statistics, the United States now has nearly 500 million people suffering from heart failure syndrome, and new cases each year 400 000. If you do not take a heart transplant, each year about 25 000 100 000 Paul died of a heart suffering from heart failure disease. Extremely limited number of donated human heart, thus the actual annual heart transplant from 2000 to 2500 cases, far not patient demand, resulting in many patients with disease progression or death.
           Titanium has excellent biocompatibility, and to withstand the harsh human physiological environment (human PH value of 7.4), which has long been used in the human hip and knee joints and transplantation. Practice has proved that no rejection, the body of titanium not produce the phenomenon of coagulation.
           Faced with the needs of the medical profession and in accordance with the characteristics of the titanium, the last decade, especially in recent years, many research institutes, experts and professors are committed to the titanium artificial heart research and development work, this can save a lot of heart patients all of life, can bring considerable economic benefits.
           In short, no matter what kind of products, the use of titanium is an inevitable trend. If the FDA after discussion, be able to approve the titanium artificial heart implanted in the body as long-term or permanent implantation, not only can not suitable for patients receiving allogeneic cardiac planting rehabilitation, but also bring in huge profits.




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