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          Excellent corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and process performance, are widely used in the national economy in many sectors. Especially in the chemical production of titanium instead of stainless steel, nickel-based alloys and other precious metals as corrosion-resistant materials, to increase production, improve product quality, extend equipment life, reduce consumption, reduce energy consumption, reduce costs, prevent pollution improve working conditions and increase productivity are of great significance. In recent years, China's chemical titanium range continues to expand, the amount increased year by year, titanium has become one of the major anti-corrosion materials in the chemical equipment. The titanium used as a chemical plant resistance to corrosion of structural materials, has established its position, but also as an ideal material for the chemical equipment, titanium and more and more aroused the attention of engineers and technicians.
          A chlor-alkali industry and chlor-alkali industry is an important basic raw material industry, its production and development impact on the national economy. This is because the titanium chloride ion corrosion resistance superior to the commonly used stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals. The chlor-alkali industry, widely used titanium to manufacture metal anodes, ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer, wet chlorine cooler, refined brine preheater dechlorination tower, chlorine cooling scrubber. Of the main components of these devices in the past the use of non-metallic materials (such as graphite, PVC, etc.), non-metallic materials, mechanical properties, thermal stability and processing performance is not satisfactory, resulting in heavy equipment, energy consumption, short life and affect product quality and environmental pollution. Therefore, since the 1970s, began to use metal anode slot and ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer instead of graphite power slot cooler wet chlorine cooler with titanium instead of graphite, have achieved good results. For example: the titanium wet chlorine cooler. Salt electrolytic production of caustic soda to produce a large number of high-temperature wet chlorine gas, the temperature is generally 75 ~ 95 ° C, After cooling and drying in order to use. China's salt electrolytic preparation of chlorine production, because the cooling process is unreasonable or cooling equipment corrosion problems affecting the chlorine yield and quality, but also seriously pollutes the environment. High temperature wet chlorine corrosion of titanium cooler put into production, the production outlook changed in the preparation of chlorine in the chlor-alkali industry. Titanium very resistant to corrosion in the environment of high temperature wet chlorine, and titanium in chlorinated water at room temperature when the corrosion rate is 0.000565mm / a; in the chlorinated water at 80 ° C, the corrosion rate of titanium 0.00431mm / a; containing 95% wet chlorine gas at room temperature, titanium corrosion rate 0.00096mm / a. Many chlor-alkali plants using titanium wet chlorine gas cooler, and some have been used for nearly 20 years, is still intact.
          Two, soda ash soda ash is one of the most basic chemical raw materials, it is directly related to the development of the national economy. Soda ash production process, the gas medium multi-NH3 and CO2, liquid media is mostly high NaCl, NH4Cl, of NH4HCO3 and Cl-concentration solution, the use of carbon steel, cast iron carbonation carbonation tower tube, hot mother liquor cooler The main equipment of the cooler, crystal outside the cooler, are intolerant corrosion, serious corrosion leak, the life of no more than three years. 1975-1977, Tianjin Soda Plant and Dalian Institute of Chemical Industry Company plant titanium application and demonstration of work, carbonation tower cooling pipes Φ63 × 2mm titanium plate heat exchanger, titanium external cooling, titanium pumps, CO2 turbine compressor rotor , Ti-6Al-4V alloy impeller, the application effect of good for the whole industry played a model role in titanium technological innovation and new three annual output of 600,000 tons of soda ash plant. For example: a soda ash plant distillation column at the top of the ammonia condenser Application titanium pipe instead of cast iron pipe. The ammonia condenser ammonia condensation equipment, soda ash production process, steamed out of the distillation tower, which consists of two cast iron cooling boxes, each box diameter of 2.5m, 1.2m high, inside the original Φ63 × 6 x 2986mm cast iron pipe 214, two boxes of 428. Both inside and outside the tube with a thermosetting phenolic varnishes, tube media NH3, CO2, H2O, steam, temperature about 95 ℃. Go NH4Cl mother liquor in the tube, heat exchanger tube of the extracellular medium. Cast iron pipe corrosion in these conditions, the serious part of the pipe corrosion perforation for one year, two years have been seriously damaged, stop using corrosion. Serious corrosion problems to solve the cast iron pipe ammonia condenser, and cast iron pipes all replaced with the TA2 titanium tubes, specifications for Φ60 × 2 × 3010mm, titanium pipe end and cast iron flower board sealed with O-rubber ring. This is China's soda ash industry first distillation tower cooling tube with titanium tubes. Put into use more than two years, had butted Macroscopic examination and found no corrosion phenomenon, expected to last more than 20 years, comparable cast iron pipe extended 10 times. Good (cast iron pipe due to corrosion-resistant titanium tube heat transfer efficiency in a three-year overhaul period, the heat transfer efficiency of pre-, medium-, post-failure), NH4Cl mother liquor preheating tube heat recovery, increase the temperature of the mother liquor into the distillation tower. can save a lot of steam, the obvious economic benefits.



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