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        The potential of the titanium metal

        Metal titanium is lighter than steel, has excellent tensile strength and resistance to corrosion and can withstand high temperatures of 600 degrees Celsius, and therefore be used for a large number of fighter jets, submarines, as well as civil aviation, automotive, chemical, medical and other industries. Titanium ore reserves of about 250 million tons in South Africa, ranked second in the world. South Africa every year to export large quantities of titanium ore, but their own but can not manufacture titanium and titanium alloy, each year to import large quantities of titanium products. According to the meeting report, the Ministry of Science and Technology, South Africa authorized by CSIR formation of titanium Competence Center, the organization and coordination of titanium metal manufacturing technology, as well as downstream industrial development and personnel training. The center's research team under Dr. the dimensional columns Du Reese led avoid international already expensive Kroll process, the invention of the route is shorter, lower-cost first made ​​out of titanium powder, then titanium powder Directions manufacturing molten titanium and its alloys. Currently, the center has been successful in the laboratory continuously produce titanium metal powder. Dr. Du Reese said, has an annual output of 500 tons of titanium metal processing pilot plant under construction. At the same time, the center has also been made in titanium investment casting process research breakthrough. Investment casting also called lost wax casting, the process can produce other casting process is extremely difficult to achieve precision metal parts. But titanium metal in a molten state at high temperature, the reaction activity is high, and easily reacts with oxygen or the like. Therefore, you must use a mold that can not be reacted with the titanium casting, releasing, and in a vacuum state. The center currently has mastered these processes and plans to set up a titanium metal casting demonstration plant.

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