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        Quality Control

          The company has 170 staff including 47 engineer technicians accounting for 29% of all staff and 25 technical and managerial staff with senior title. All the technical, managerial, detection and operation workers have theoretical and practical working experience in production of aviation, military industry and civil titanium and titanium alloy products. The company now mainly has 107 pieces of production equipment and 23 pieces of detection equipment, having technical ability, equipment guarantee ability and product detection ability for production of aviation and military titanium and titanium alloy materials.

        In April 2008, the company was awarded “High-tech Enterprise” by the Science Department of Liaoning Province and the national patents for the production technologies of three products have been applied;

        In March 2009, examined by XQC, the company passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System. The system has been running effectively and the delivery check qualified rate reaches more than 98%. The products win customers’ approval by stable quality;

        In January 2011, the company obtained the third-grade secrecy qualification of Secrecy Qualification Examination Authentication Committee of Weaponry Research and Production Unit.

        In November 2011, the company passed the weaponry research and production permit examination of National Defense Science and Industry Bureau and obtained weaponry research and production license;

        In March 2012, the company began publicity, implementation and trial operation of GJB 9001B-2009 Quality Management System. The company will complete the authentication and examination in October 2012.

        The company plans to implement design and trial run of AS9100 aviation industry quality management system, in an effort to realize simultaneous operation of ISO9001, GJB 9001B and AS9100 systems and ensure that aerospace, military and civil titanium and titanium alloy materials produced by the company have stable quality and surpass customers’ demands. Under the leadership and support of governments of all levels and the leadership of Yan Donghui, the chairman, all staff of the company is capable of and is confident of making positive contribution to development of the titanium industry of China.


         Quality Is Dignity, Innovation Is Life, Be World Grade Titanium Enterprise

        Connotation of the Policy:

        1) High quality and innovation are goals the company pursues for. All staff of the company will make concerted efforts and in-depth research, introduce new equipment, develop new technology and improve process to climb the high-tech innovation road.

        2) The brand-new titanium metal has great significance in national defense and obvious economic benefits in the field of modern new high-tech materials. It is not only a key material for making sophisticated national defense weapons but also an important material for upgrading of the traditional industry and technical innovation and development. Titanium metal industry is a high-tech new material industry which developed countries attach great importance and give priority to and an important sign of strong comprehensive national strength. The company will strengthen the management of the production process and the quality system, formulate strict process, realize full-process quality monitoring and control and make high-quality efficient titanium material to take the lead in the industry, walk out of China and march toward the world.

        3) The company builds quality goal of the company, determines the measure to realize goal, sets control method of the whole process, monitors running effectiveness of the process, looks for opportunity for improvement so that all processes and product quality of the company can be continuously improved and developed.

        4) The company advocates perfectness, abides by credit and strives for meeting or surpassing demands and expectation of customers, in an effort to achieve top quality and top service, ensure the outputting of titanium material with high quality, low cost and short delivery and win satisfaction of customers, related parties and the society.


        Measure for realizing the goal:

        1. Strengthen quality education of staff and improve responsibility consciousness and quality awareness of staff;
        2. Strictly implement the operation instructions of the production technology as well as the quality and technology standards of the working procedure to ensure that the product quality is accordant with requirements of the standard;
        4. Disintegrate all goals and indexes layer by layer and assign them to departments, rooms, branches, classes and groups respectively, so that each one has his own index and goal.


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