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        Titanium Applications

        Titanium applications economic effect is due to the titanium having a small density, specific high strength and excellent corrosion resistance and a series of characteristics, equipment or manufacturing of titanium parts, put into use the generated.
        For civilian industry, the use of titanium can avoid economic losses caused by corrosion in large part. According to national surveys, in the field of chemical industry, metallurgy, vacuum salt, electricity and other use of titanium, titanium per use 1t economic benefits available in 4-6 million.

        A comparison of investment and equipment
        Small density of titanium, stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti about 57%. Therefore, the same sizes of equipment manufacture, use titanium than using steel, copper reduce by half the amount.
        Specific strength titanium (TA2) is 10-13, TC4 (Ti-6Al-4V) alloy of 21.8. In the commonly used metal body material, with the exception of the range of 20-200 ℃, pure titanium (TA2, TA3) of high specific strength than stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti); the temperature range -253-600 ℃, titanium alloy (TC4, TA7) of ratio of the highest intensity. Titanium and titanium alloys than high strength characteristics, can make the device thinner wall thickness of the titanium. Used as power stations condensable gas station wall thickness of the copper alloy tube (B10, B30) of 1.5-2.5mm, the choice of pipe wall thickness of the titanium (TA2) of 0.5-0.7mm. From this point of view, in the selection of titanium, its weight has reduced by nearly half.

        Compare with condenser tubes 










        The number
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        weight (t)

        Total price








        Increase desalination device
        and cathodic protection

        2-4 years






        Not required

        Has been running more than five years,
        is expected to more than 15 years

        Note: The table in 1983, the actual price is the price of materials, namely TA2 16 Ten thousand yuan / t, B30 2.7401 ten thousand yuan / t.

        8 years titanium condenser tubing cost is lower than the cost of copper tubing. When titanium tube 15 years is still a one-time investment costs, and cost a total investment of copper pipe 5,975,250 yuan, is 2.07 times the cost of titanium tubing.

        Second, the comparison device lifetime
        Titanium excellent corrosion resistance can replace traditionally used materials such as steel, stainless steel, lead, copper, ceramics, and plastics and other materials, titanium equipment long life, safe and reliable operation.

        Third, to strengthen the production process of comparison
        The use of titanium equipment, process route can be used to strengthen the production of high technological parameters. The electrolytic salt production of caustic soda, using a graphite anode current density is generally 1100A / m, while the titanium anode current density of up to 2200 A / m, therefore, use the same size cell, titanium anodes production of caustic soda twice the increase of graphite anodes. Another example, power plants using full titanium condenser, since the wall thinning, and allow the water to provide flow rate when the flow rate used is titanium tube 2.8m / s, which is equivalent to the heat transfer coefficient Navy brass, aluminum brass a flow rate of 2m / s when the heat transfer coefficient. Practical application, the flow rate is generally used brass 1.5m / s, when it reaches 2m / s would have been serious impact corrosion.

        Fourth, compare the quality of products
        Conversion of hydrogen chloride production of vitamin B1, the use of stainless steel equipment, because they do not salt salt corrosion, iron contaminated drugs, yellow point to be defective, the need to rework refined in medicine, so that the product cost increase of 15 yuan / kg , also affected the completion of the export task. With titanium and equipment, product rate increased from 75% to 100%, because there is no iron contamination, eliminating the need for ethanol rework and rework processes refined when, a year can save more than 190,000 yuan.

        Fifth, compare the cost of equipment maintenance
        The key device carbonation tower of soda ash production, the lower chamber of the cooling tower cooling tubules, the original cast iron pipe (8 cooling tank installed a total ∮63 * 6 * 2986mm pipe 1574), due to the media outside the tube containing NaHCO3 salt crystals media seawater solution tube and pipe corrosion, the use does not fall in perforation corrosion occurred three years to replace them all. Titanium cooling tubules (∮63 * 2 * 3010mm), the use of more than six years has been, well, expected service life of 20 years. If you press the service life of 20 years, compared with the use of cast iron pipe, saving overhaul costs $ 200,000, and to stop production due to overhaul a value of 8.64 million yuan less and less income of 3.16 million yuan of profits corresponding changes to corporate income.

        Sixth, compare energy consumption
        In the maleic acid tincture production, the use of titanium than stainless steel drum roller to node 33%. In the chlor-alkali production, the first to achieve the transformation of titanium anodes production capacity of 410,000 tons, the actual test, run under conditions of insufficient power within a year, compared with graphite anodes saving 576MJ.

        Seven, to achieve relatively new technology
        Guangdong stone, Lu copper, in a period of high chloride Segregation ferrosilicon quality refractory oxide copper production, due to high temperature gas corrosion and hydrochloric acid, 8mm thick steel plate for one week to corrosion perforation, other materials are not applicable, resulting segregation main equipment rotary kiln beneficiation often discontinued, the average operating rate of 20% today. With the titanium rinse formula turbulent tower, completely solve the problem of corrosion, thus ensuring the normal operation of the rotary kiln segregation.
        The majority of our chlor-alkali plants in the past using direct water spray cooling method, causing heavy loss of chlorine, chlorine-containing waste water pollution of rivers, sewer corrosion. Indirect cooling of the new technology, since the graphite cooler impatience corrosion, scrapped six months. Glass out of the cooler, ion easy to rattle, its poor thermal conductivity. The use of plastic pipe manufacturing equipment, prone to aging. Equipment manufactured by the above-described materials can not guarantee the normal operation of the new technology. Using a titanium tube heat exchanger, a fundamental solution to this problem to ensure that the water spray directly cooled by the use of new technology to achieve indirect cooling, chlorine-containing waste water a year can reduce more than 90% below the national safety standards for waste water, substantially eliminating the pollution, but also can recycle chlorine 1400t, cooling water saving 390,000 tons of sulfuric acid drying step behind saving and saving 1360t steam 29376t. In short, after the introduction of new technology to create value only a few above 748,000 yuan.

        Comparative eight working conditions
        In corrosive environment, corrosion of equipment seriously, so run, run, drip, leak causing environmental pollution. In addition, lead lining, manufacturing, labor conditions and lead lined equipment bad, the environmental hazards to human health. The use of titanium equipment to avoid such a risk, the possible elimination of occupational diseases, to achieve civilized production.
        In summary, both the multiple comparisons, or the individual comparison, can achieve significant economic benefits seen after the use of titanium equipment.

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