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        Chairman’s Speech

        HST METALS CO.,LTD. is an enterprise focused on the manufacture and sales of Titanium and Titanium alloys. The group was founded in 2002 and now has 4 subsidiary companies with a total of more than 200 employees.

        The headquarters are located on a 400 000 m² site in the Shenyang Coastal Economic Zone, some 20 kilometers outside Shenyang city. The first phase of development, the industrial block of 180,000m² has been completed and occupied with the second phase of construction covering 220,000m² , is well underway.

        In our industry the trend in global development has changed rapidly over the past two or three years and China will soon become a pivotal leader in the global titanum industry. Only by embracing this change and promoting our core competency, can this enterprise become the navigator of this trend and keep pace with developments into the future.

        Since its inception, the company has been devoted to being a professional supplier of high quality titanium materials. Over the past few years, we have successfully gone through an operational transformation and focused on rapid development to the point where not only do we have a leading technical advantage but we have also evolved a highly professional standard of production.

        Our primary business focus is on quality, innovation, service and the principle of “People First”. With regard to the structure and nature of our enterprise, we want to rather be the strongest than merely the largest.

        We always want to be considered the best with regard to the quality of our products and service; with the most capable and efficient management team, rather than just the most advanced one.

        It is our task to build a strong platform within the company so that each member of staff is allowed the freedom to develop and display their own individual strengths. It is our sole task as an enterprise, to provide the highest quality products coupled with the most professional customer service in the industry.

        By combining our intellectual property, our core inner strengths and corporate professionalism, it is our intention to forge a strong and enduring enterprise, renowned as a world class leader in the manufacture and sales of Titanium and Titanium Alloys.

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